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Our goal is to help small and medium-sized businesses in Switzerland to digitalise themselves, in order to tackle an ongoing problem. According to the client's needs, we analyse, advise and develop  tailored solutions, leading companies towards a swift digital transition.

Successful cases

Construction, Geneva

Site managers struggled to keep workers updated on their current timetable changes. Alpha Toucan built a collaborative system to update schedules and notify employees with instant messaging. The company gained in efficiency and shortened delivery times.
Logistics, Vaud

Operators wasted time searching and updating clients orders manually. Alpha Toucan built an app cutting redundant tasks and enabling client access the details they need 24/7. The company’s operators gained in productivity and increased customer satisfaction.
Manufacturing, Neuchâtel

A production line was facing heavy investment as they had to replace some equipment to connect them with a manufacturing software. Instead, Alpha Toucan built & implemented some connected devices (IoT) to the existing units. In result, the company saved in costs and with no interruption on production.

Metamorphosis process in three steps


During this first step, we analyse your environment, identify the issue and prepare an assessment. From that, we will present tools and possible solutions.

We then act as product manager, sourcing and collaborating with engineers and other experts, designing, building, testing, iterating and launching the selected solution.

Finally, once the solution is implemented we accompany you through the change, by training your collaborators in order to ensure the solution is managed independently on the long term.

Our scope

Process Optimisation
Business Strategy
We help businesses integrate and manage a network of connected devices (i.e. IoT) to reduce their workload and gain in precision.Find out more
Industry 4.0
Green Transition
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